How to Build A Simple And Effective Website

This is a GREAT video from Tyler Moore: it lasts for 72 minutes, and we used it to help construct some of our customer web sites.

If you want to build your own basic wordpress website from scratch we recommend you watch all one hour and 12 minutes.

If you do not have the time to become a website designer, we suggest you use our Website Creator programme where we will build a basic functional WordPress business or personal web-site for your business or your blog based upon the same methods used in the Video .

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So you need our Website Creator program.


We fully appreciate that there is a huge amount of help and choice available on the internet when it comes to building your own blog, personal site or business website.

But there may be several good reasons why you don’t want to research the net and invest the necessary time to learn how to build a basic wordpress website.

And you will be able to use our various services to cover all the basics for a modern functioning website, including Hosting and SSL and simple but functional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – all under one roof!

So let us do the basic work for you!


  • It saves you money and your time and you are not “tied in” to Power Comms.
  • It provides you with a working wordpress web-site blueprint or structure.
  • Your web site can then be easily upgraded to meet your specific needs
  • It provides a quick solution to your having an immediate internet “presence”.
  • We will be available to discuss your requirements by e-mail or chat 24/7
  • We will “hold your hand” where requested and provide ongoing assistance – for example the Power Comms Webmaster Service for SEO – or we will suggest 3rd party consultants to integrate other site features that Power Comms does not provide.

Let Us Take the Strain - You Enjoy the Coffee!


  • Business Web Site – This normally means that the website is geared for commerce, where services and/or products are advertised for sale, and has the ability to accept payments from customers through the site. Since PayPal and other Payment Merchants are so easy to integrate into a website nowadays, this type of site is now fairly easy to create. Here is an example of a commercial website we built which needed Paypal integration.
  • Personal or Information Websites – This would be used where commerce is not needed i.e. the customer or reader is not required to make an online payment. It may be a site describing your hobby, or promoting services or events that may need a contact form or enquiry form to be completed. Here is an example of an Information Website we built.
  • Blog Website – This is a website which features some form of regular comment on a topic or things of interest to the website owner, and encourages comment and/or participation from third parties. Here is an example of our own Blog site
  • Tribute Websites – Normally a simple one page site which commemorates a person, an event or a pet. Rather than keep the records (photos, files and images) on some cloud based application like Dropbox – and then have the problem with granting access to that data to families and third parties – a tribute website can be made available to friends and family as a long term record. An example of a Tribute Site is here.

With our Website Creator Service, we can build and host any of these Website Types.

Still Not Convinced?

Check out some of the sites we are responsible for building and hosting.

The images below are recent Site Reports from GT Metrix – a well known site analyser programme – and as you can see the Performance for each site is optimal – 99% or 100% Report Performance
InternetDomains Performance
Internet Domains Performance report Performance Report Performance
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